The poop on “fecal microbiota transplantation”

It’s disgusting, but for some, it works.

by Jeffrey Perkel


8 years ago, I aborted twins, maybe

But I found that out only last month.

by Emily Willingham

flu pic resized

25 myths about the flu vaccine debunked

Setting the record straight on the flu vaccine

by Tara Haelle

I Am Mental Illness

The gift of depression and mood disorder

What do you do when your illness feeds your success?

by Sarah Boon

Not knowing

There will be a next time, another severe and major depression. 

by Nobody


Depressing genes

Can depression be a matter of genetic fate?

by Siobhan Mitchell



Ladies? It gets better

Emily Graslie promises.

by Emily Willingham

Photo courtesy of Fotolia.

Leave no vagina behind

Painful intercourse after menopause has solutions

by Tara Haelle


Of CRISPR/Cas and the power of basic research

Researchers discover what they didn’t set out to find.     

By Jeffrey M. Perkel

Women In Science

The great experimental physicist Chien-Shiung Wu in 1958. [Credit: Smithsonian Institution]

Madame Wu and the backward universe

Physics isn’t (quite) the same in a mirror
by Matthew R. Francis

Leavitt_henrietta_b1 (1)

Scientists Highlighted on Double X Science Jr.

Role model scientists inspire the next generation.
by Adrienne M. Roehrich.


The Girls of Atomic City

Part of WWII you knew nothing about

by Chris Gunter

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